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How to determine leakage in air separation equipment

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How to det...

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When leakage occurs in the cold box of the air separation tower, the refrigerating capacity to maintain normal production is insufficient. Therefore, the main indicator is that the main cooling liquid level continues to drop. If there is a large gas leak, a pressure increase can be observed in the cooler. If the cooler is not strict, a lot of cold air will come out of the cracks.

When cryogenic liquids leak, no significant pressure rise and gas escape can be observed, and a significant drop in base temperature can often be detected.

In order to be able to have a preliminary judgment of the leakage site and leakage before the shutdown, in order to shorten the shutdown time, many units have explored some effective methods in practice.

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Test the purity of gas escaping from the cooler. When nitrogen or liquid nitrogen leak, the volume fraction of nitrogen in the cool air can reach more than 80%. When oxygen or liquid oxygen leaks, the volume fraction of oxygen can be detected.


Observe the "sweating" or "frosting" areas on the walls of the cooler. Note that when a cryogenic liquid leaks, the "frosting" occurs below the leak point.


Observe the irregular occurrence of the gas escaping from the body. This paper mainly judges the leakage of switching channel of switching heat exchanger. For alternately used containers, the location of the leak can be further determined by switching the use.

These methods are often used in combination. In order to improve the accuracy of the judgment, you should be familiar with the space position of various containers, pipes and valves in the cold box, and pay attention to accumulating experience in practice.

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