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How are valves installed and adjusted in air separation equipment?

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How are va...

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Installation requirements are as follows:

1) cold box valve shall be installed after all containers are in place and before pipeline installation.

2) the cold valve in the cold box should be installed at the same time with its corresponding bracket. And in the direction opposite to the cold shrinkage direction of the pipe connected with the valve, make the axis of the valve stem and the center line of the hole on the cold box board have an eccentricity of 10 to 15mm. The stem of cryogenic liquid valve shall be tilted upward 10° - 15°. When welding the pipe to the valve body, close the valve first.

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Take cooling measures, so that the temperature of the valve body during welding is not higher than 200℃, so as to avoid deformation of the valve seal, affecting the normal use of the valve.

3) when installing the valve, pay attention to the direction of the arrow on the valve body, which should be consistent with the direction of medium flow. In special occasions, some cold Angle globe valves and direct heating valves outside the cold box make them in opposite directions (according to the mark on the process flow chart), such as heating inlet valve, liquid air, liquid oxygen absorber outlet valve, turbine expander outlet valve, etc.

4) when the switchover valve is installed, its rotating shaft should be in a horizontal position, and flange bolts should be evenly cross-tightened. No used or rusty bolt shall be used again. Dirt, dust and other impurities should be thoroughly removed from the pipe connected to the switchover valve before installation.

5) after installation, the valve should be opened and closed flexibly. Check the opening and closing state of the valve after pipeline connection and during cold test. It is qualified if there is no jam.

6) before installation of the remote control valve, check whether the instruction signal is synchronized with the action of the valve actuator: whether the positions of "fully open" and "fully closed" are correct, and record the relationship between the opening instruction and the actual opening of the valve.

7) for cold Angle valve with sleeve, special tools shall be used to tighten flange bolts in the process of cold test.

8) low temperature pneumatic film control valve, in the process of cold test also need special tools to tighten flange bolts.

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