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Explosion-proof safety measures for condensing evaporator of unsealed air separation equipment

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Main cold explosion mechanism

1. Dangerous substances

A. Combustible components: mainly hydrocarbon compounds such as acetylene, acetylene is the most dangerous. Its solubility in liquid oxygen is very low (5.6×10-6mg/L), and it is easy to precipitate out in solid state and cause an explosion.

B. Blocking components: mainly carbon dioxide, water and nitrous oxide, especially nitrous oxide, are attracting increasing attention. After crystallization and precipitation, they block the main cooling channel, which will cause "dry evaporation" and "dead end boiling" of the main cold, resulting in the concentration, accumulation and precipitation of hydrocarbons, leading to the main cooling explosion. C. Strong oxidant: liquid chlorine is a strong oxidant.

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2. Several triggers

A. Mechanical impact detonation of solid impurity particles (acetylene particles and other friction, liquid oxygen impact).

B. static electricity, such as when carbon dioxide particles reach (200 ~ 300) ×104ppm, can produce static electricity and the voltage is up to 3kV.

C. Chemically sensitive substances (e.g., ozone and nitrogen oxides).

D. Pressure pulse caused by airflow shock, pressure shock and cavitation, causing temperature rise and explosion.

Main cold explosion-proof measures

1. Strengthen the air quality control of raw materials

The oxygen production area should be upwind all the year round, more than 300m away from the acetylene station, away from harmful gas sources, strengthen the air quality control of raw materials, once serious pollution, to take appropriate measures.

2. Remove harmful substances and prevent hydrocarbon accumulation

The main factors of accumulation are as follows:

A. Give full play to the role of liquid air liquid oxygen adsorber in removing acetylene and other hydrocarbons, strictly change the adsorber and control the heating regeneration temperature on schedule to improve the adsorption efficiency.

B. Discharge 1% of the product liquid oxygen from the main cooling to remove hydrocarbons.

C. Air separation is heated at high intervals to remove residual carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon impurities accumulated in heat exchangers and rectifying towers. D. The liquid oxygen pump has been put into operation for a long time and the adsorption of nitrous oxide by molecular sieve is not good. A layer of 5A molecular sieve can be added to the molecular sieve absorber.

3. High, fine and sharp detection instruments are adopted to realize online and offline monitoring

This work should be normalized, institutionalized and carried out on a regular basis. If the environment deteriorates, effective measures should be taken at any time to control harmful substances within the standard, such as acetylene at 0.5, methane at 120, total carbon at 155, carbon dioxide at 4, nitrous oxide at 100 (order of magnitude 10-6).

4. Control the operation liquid level, high liquid level, large circulating ratio, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon compounds are not easy to accumulate and concentrate.

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