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Summary of various potential causes of high air compressor temperature

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Summary of...

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1, the environment temperature is too high on the screw air compressor caused by high temperature this mainly from two aspects to affect the air compressor.

A: the higher the temperature is, the thinner the air is (just like the low efficiency of air compressor in the plateau area), which leads to the decrease of the air compressor's working efficiency. As A result, the air compressor stays in the loading state for more time and carries more load, resulting in more heat generated by air compressor, the air compressor must be hotter.

B: general air compressor design when there is a running environment temperature (30 to 40 degrees), in the design of air compressor running ambient temperatures generally the highest temperature is nearly the temperature of the air compressor protection, if the air compressor running environment temperature, environment temperature is higher than design will improve the temperature of the air compressor and make air compressor stop temperature is even greater than that of air compressor, resulting in the high temperature air compressor system.

Open sealing control sub-equipment

2, the air compressor system is short of oil.

The oil level of oil and gas barrel can be checked. When the lubricating oil is static after the stop and pressure relief, the oil level should be slightly higher than the high oil level mark H (or MAX). During the operation of the equipment, the oil level must not be lower than the low oil level mark L (or MIX). If the oil quantity is found insufficient or the oil level is not observed, stop refueling immediately.

3. Oil stop valve (oil cut off valve) is not working normally.

The oil stop valve is usually two solenoid valve, which is open when starting and closed when stopping, so as to prevent the oil in the oil and gas barrel from continuing to spray into the machine head and out of the air inlet. If the element is not opened during loading, the main engine will heat up rapidly due to lack of oil, which will cause the screw assembly to burn out.

4. Oil filter problem.

A: if the oil filter is blocked and the bypass valve is not opened, the air compressor oil will not reach the engine head, and the main engine will heat up rapidly due to lack of oil.

B: oil filter plug flow decreases, because is in the case of a air compressor is not very complete air compressor temperature of the heat away form high temperature rising slowly, and another is air compressor air compressor high temperature after unloading, because the air compressor in the internal hydraulic load is high, air compressor oil can pass, and the air compressor air compressor oil after unloading pressure low pressure oil through air compressor oil filter is difficult, the flow is too small to cause high temperature air compressor.

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