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Selection of compressor bearings

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The main factors that should be considered in the selection of bearings are as follows: the bearings of various structural types can be adapted to different operating conditions due to their different structural characteristics, and designers can choose them according to their own needs. Generally, the following main factors should be taken into account when selecting bearings:

Load is the most important basis for the selection of bearings, usually should be based on the size of the load, direction and nature of the choice of bearings.

Load size: in general, the roller bearing is due to line contact, bearing capacity is large, suitable to bear a large load; Ball bearing is small in bearing capacity due to point contact, suitable for light and medium loads.

(2) load direction: because the compressor head bearing by radial load and axial load combined, the general choice of angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings, these two kinds of bearings with the increase of contact Angle bearing axial load capacity. If the radial load is large and the axial load is small, you can also choose the deep groove ball bearing and the cylindrical roller bearing with the inner and outer rings. If the axial load is large and the radial load is small, the thrust angular contact ball bearing and the thrust tapered roller bearing can be selected.

Load properties: when there is impact load, it is advisable to choose roller bearings.

Due to the interaction between the Yin and Yang rotors and the reaction of compressed gas to the rotor, the bearing of the compressor needs to bear both radial and axial loads. In addition, at the starting moment of the air compressor, the starting rotation is up to 3692 N·m, so it is advisable to choose roller bearings. In addition, the factors to be considered include axial swimming performance, high-speed performance, centering performance, allowable installation space, and whether it is convenient to install and disassemble.

To sum up, compressor head bearing selection: tapered roller bearing is adopted at the high pressure end as the thrust bearing, and cylindrical roller bearing with inner ring and retaining edge is adopted at the low pressure end as the supporting bearing (table 2).

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