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The function and use of air compressor

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The functi...

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Mention air compressor a lot of people are very strange, it is exactly what to do with, why should manufacturing industry use it? Today we will take a look at what is the air compressor, the role of the air compressor and its use.

What is an air compressor? Air compressor is a common power equipment, is the mechanical energy into gas pressure energy device. It's simply a pressure generator of compressed air. The role of air compressor is mainly to supply gas, to provide the production of gas. Air compressor is more widely used common:

1. Traditional aerodynamics: pneumatic tools, rock drills, picks, pneumatic wrenches, and pneumatic sandblasting

2. Air jet loom USES compressed air to blow the filling yarn instead of the shuttle

3, food, pharmaceutical industry, the use of compressed air slurry mixing

4. Starting of large Marine diesel engine

5, the role and use of air compressor wind tunnel experiments, underground passage ventilation, metal smelting

6. Mine ventilation gas

7. Coal mining by high-pressure air blasting

8. Weapon system, missile launch, torpedo launch

9. Submarine sinking and floating, wreck salvaging, undersea oil exploration and hovercraft

10. Inflate the tire

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