Air separation equipment knowledge introduction

Air separation equipment in air as raw material, through the method of compression cycle deep freezing air into liquid, then after rectification and gradually from the liquid air separation to produce oxygen, nitrogen and argon in the equipment of inert gas, such as widely used conventional metallurgy, new coal chemical industry, large nitrogenous fertilizer, gas supply, etc.

Unseal air separation equipment

In simple terms, the system flow of air separation includes:

Compression systems

Precooling system

Purification system

So the heat exchange system

The product is sent out of the system

Expansion refrigeration system

Distillation tower system

Liquid pumping system

Product compression system

Compression systems

It has self-cleaning air filter, steam turbine, air compressor, supercharger, instrument compressor and so on.

(1) generally, with the increase of air volume, the number of filter cylinders increases and the number of layers is higher. Generally, there are two layers above 25,000 level and three layers above 60,000 level. Generally, a single compressor needs to arrange the filter separately and at the same time arrange it in the upper tuyere.

(2) steam turbine is the high-pressure steam expansion work, drive the coaxial impeller rotation, so as to realize the type of work to the working medium. There are three forms commonly used in steam turbines: total condensate, total back pressure and condensate extraction, the more common is condensate extraction.

(4) generally, the investment of large air separation unit of air compressor is uniaxial isothermal centrifugal compressor. The energy consumption of imported air compressor is about 2% lower than that of domestic air compressor, and the investment is 80% higher. The air compressor adopts the outlet air discharge without setting the backflow pipeline, and generally has the requirement of minimum suction flow preventing surge. The inlet guide vanes are used for flow regulation. The imported domestic units are all four-stage compression and three-stage cooling (the final stage does not have cooling). The main air compressor is equipped with a washing system for washing the surface sediment of the impeller and volute at all levels. The system is complete with the host.