Air compressor main engine overhaul must pay attention to several key problems

The main engine is the core part of the air compressor, which is in high-speed operation state for a long time, similar to most operating machines, and it must be carried out preventive overhaul after running to a certain time or fixed number of years. The overhaul period is usually in the range of 30000 ~ 40000h (4 ~ 5 years). Most of the main engine overhaul will choose to return to the factory overhaul or by a qualified maintenance company for maintenance.

Open air separation maintenance


Timing of main screw overhaul

The following problems will occur after the screw host machine runs for a period of time:

▎ 1. Gap increased

The distance between the Yin and Yang rotors of the main engine increases. The direct result is the compressor in the process of compression leakage (back leakage) increased, the volume of the compressed air out of the machine smaller. In terms of efficiency, the compression efficiency of the compressor is reduced.

The gap between the yin-yang rotor and the rear end cover and the bearing increases, which will mainly affect the sealing and compression efficiency of the compressor. At the same time, it will have a great impact on the service life of the yin-yang rotor, because many mechanical failures are caused by the gap between the bearing and the main shaft.

▎ 2. Wear increased

As is known to all, as long as the machinery in the operation of wear, under normal circumstances because there is lubrication fluid lubrication, wear will be reduced a lot, but long-term high speed operation, wear is slowly increasing.

Take SKF bearings in Sweden as an example: under nearly impossible conditions (such as long idling, clean enough lubricant, good enough cooling system, ambient temperature, humidity, etc.), it can only be guaranteed for a few years. As far as the compressor main engine is concerned, there is wear of other parts besides the bearing. If the minor wear does not take the correct preventive measures, it is easy to lead to increased wear, causing other major parts of the damage and wear.

▎ 3. Components deformation

The air compressor host is the core compression component of the compressor. Its internal components are under high temperature and high pressure for a long time. Coupled with the high-speed operation, it is inevitable that the components will be deformed after a long time. At the same time, the cause of deformation and the use of environmental factors, and the air compressor of the use of the general environment will have dust and impurities in the air, after these small solid material into the machine, accumulate over a long period if form larger solid block, it may cause rotor deformation of Yin and Yang, clearance increases, serious can lead to a host.